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Claims must be lodged with Namsure within 30 days of the loss or damage being incurred.

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Commercial Insurance

Using their expertise, experience and knowledge of the market, Namsure will source the most appropriate insurance solutions applicable to a client's business. The main areas covered include:

  • material damage to property (excluding motor)
  • consequential loss following material damage
  • liabilities towards third parties
  • death / disablement and bodily injuries
  • motor vehicles
  • Body corporate
  • Nasria (political riot and strike insurance)

The combined or general policy solutions allows you to choose appropriate solutions for specific needs, including:

  • Fire
  • Buildings
  • Office content
  • Business interruption
  • Accounts receivable
  • Theft
  • Theft
  • Money
  • Glass
  • Fidelity
  • Goods in transit
  • Business all risks
  • Accidental damage
  • Public liability
  • Employers liability
  • Stated benefits
  • Group personal accident
  • Machinery breakdown
  • Motor
  • Electronic equipment
  • Motor traders - external risk
  • Deterioration of stock

We offer niche insurance solutions to safeguard your practice, guesthouse or agricultural interests against loss or damage.


  • House contents
  • The basic cover insures household effects against various contingencies while inside the home or at certain places outside the home. Deterioration of the contents of a refrigerator or freezer, personal belongings of guests and domestic workers, veterinary expenses, the cost of security to safeguard your home after damage and much more are automatically covered. You might also consider accidental damage with mechanical and electrical breakdown for the belongings in your home.
  • All risks
  • Certain items such as laptops, jewellery, cameras, sports equipment, mobile phones and bicycles are frequently used outside of the home, requiring wider cover.
  • Buildings
  • The basic cover insures the house, outbuildings, fixtures and other structures against the contingencies such as fire, storm and burglary. Fire brigade costs and loss of rent are covered automatically.
  • From the optional cover, you can choose subsidence and landslip as well as accidental damage cover for the machinery of swimming pools, boreholes, irrigation systems, electric gates and garage doors.
  • Vehicles
  • One can select from comprehensive cover (with or without theft) or limited cover (provides cover for fire and theft only). Liability is included with these options although it can be taken on its own.
  • Optional cover is available for car radio's, compact disc players and phones, car tools, spare parts and travel accessories. The difference between the balance outstanding on the hire purchase agreement and market value of your car can also be insured.
  • Comprehensive cover is available for caravans (including the contents) and trailers.
  • Water craft
  • Cover is available for water craft such as motor boats, sail boats and jet skis, amongst others, while on land or water. Injury to others or damage to their property is covered under water craft liability.
  • Thatch risk
  • Offering a sophisticated service which is tailored to individual customers, this product takes into consideration additional safety factors such as:
  • Fire retardant thatching
  • Roof drenching systems
  • Concrete underlay
  • Dedicated hose reels
  • Strategically-placed fire extinguishers
  • Fireplace design
  • Proximity of the building to the nearest fire station
  • Cover is on an All Risk basis, resulting in much broader policy wording.
  • Extensions have higher limits and accidental damage is included automatically up to the maximum building or contents sum assured.


Liability Insurance
  • Personal legal liability
  • Protecting you against risk due to being held legally liable for the death or injury to others or damage to their property, this cover is included if your house contents or buildings are covered by the policy. Also covered is liability which you may incur as a tenant of buildings or when your credit cards are lost.
  • Vehicle liability
  • This can be taken separately and is referred to as third party cover. Damage to your own vehicle is excluded. This cover is automatically included for vehicles comprehensively insured under Vehicles on a policy.
  • Water craft liability
  • Covering death or injury to others or damage to their property caused by your water craft and you are held legally liable. This cover is automatically included under Water Craft on a policy.
  • Extended personal legal liability
  • This extends your basic covers for any liability on the policy up to the amount chosen by you.
  • Riot cover
  • Available as an option, riot cover provides cover for damages or losses arising from strikes, public disorder and riots.


professional insurance

A professional indemnity policy provides cover for claims against policyholders due to their professional negligence.

The three main areas include:

  • any negligent act, error or omission
  • breach of duty, or
  • legal costs to defend you against a claim

Sectors requiring indemnity typically include Accounting, Finance, Architects, Consulting, Legal, Medical and any professional giving advice to clients.


Marine insurance
  • Covers the loss or damage of ships, cargo, terminals and any transport or cargo transferring or holding the property.
  • Covers the hull and machinery, the hull being the structure of the vessel and the machinery including the equipment that generates the power to move the vessel.

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